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Calan Mai



Hailing from Australia's Gold Coast (a small town in Queensland), Calan Mai began making music at age 13, compelled by a friend who’d recently learned to play guitar. “His house was going to be torn down and replaced with a resort, which always happens on the Gold Coast,” he remembers. “I was drawing all over his bedroom walls—those symbols from the cover of Led Zeppelin IV. We’d been listening to the album all summer. It just struck me out of nowhere. I thought, ‘We should start a band. All I gotta do is learn the guitar.’”


Calan Mai debuted with an acoustic demo of ‘We’ve Got Love’ which soon found its way onto a number of college radio stations across the U.S, as well as Triple J & BBC Introducing and Radio 6. Moving with a group of fellow musicians to spend 2 years in Manchester, the buzz from 'We've Got Love' and subsequent early releases led to opening for Band of Horses at Albert Hall, as well as performances with Will Johnson & Frances.


At first listen, Calan Mai’s music resembles carefree folk-pop—bright melodies, major chord strumming, soaring vocals delivered with warmth and ease. But on closer observation, his wry humor and full-hearted sincerity tells a deeper story.  “I take great solace in laughing at myself and smiling into the past because life’s a bit easier that way. Humor is a method of letting the listener into your experience—a counterpoint they can recognize and latch onto, like a shared cigarette or a wink across the table. I just want people to see their own struggles in mine and feel a little less alone.”




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