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Ciaran Lavery by Kathrin Baumbach 01.jpg


“I know this seems self-centred but I am, so I don’t care…”

The narrative of the deeply honest songwriter is a road strewn with misconceptions.

After accruing over 100 million Spotify streams over his last three album releases, award winning artist (Northern Ireland Music Prize for his 2016 album ‘Let Bad In’) Ciaran Lavery returns with a new Double A-side. Lavery intends to alter this thought and express more of his full personality in these two songs, from the self deprecating dry humour to the hopeful and god fearing. 


Citing John Grant, Anne Sexton and Bojack Horseman as references, this Double A-side “is an insight into the current path I am on, giving myself the freedom to be the schmuck/the asshole/the clown/the butt of the joke, without throwing my own heart or someone else’s under the bus for the sake of honest writing. I found myself at odds with the person I was described as, felt the suit of this character was becoming much too tight in all the wrong areas.”

"Full Love" will be released on May 10 and "Selene" will be released on June 7.



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