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JPOLND is a breathtaking realization of years of potential. Still defined by the openness and cashmere voice that originally set her apart as Charlotte Sometimes, the artist now known as JPOLND (& LACES, Rvrside, Skinny Beats, & more) hasn’t glossed over her darkly compelling jagged edges. She’s just allowing more of her warmth, self-acceptance, and light to be heard, too. 

The diversity of her current output is dizzying: As JPOLND she writes and performs subtly dark pop songs. Under her legal name, Jessica Vaughn, she pens and produces music for Hasbro cartoons such as Jem & the Holograms, Baby Alive, Littlest Pet Shop, Equestria Girls, and more, and has secured placements on series and specials on the CW, Netflix, ABC, and others, as well as films. She also continues to write gems for other recording artists. 

Her past includes a stint on Geffen Records, a spot on The Voice, and more, but it’s her future that’s most exciting. Somehow simultaneously polished and raw––a testament both to her willingness to be vulnerable and the clarity of her vision–– her songs mine bleak spaces for hope, and never come up empty-handed.


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