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(New York, NY -- 1/15/2021) Today, NYC-based artist, releases a spicy new track, “Independent Femme” on celebrated label Trans Trenderz, an outpost for Trans artists.

With “Independent Femme,” Jæ harnesses the unapologetic power of femininity. An honest, tongue in cheek, melodic pop song with punching lyrics and memorable ad libs. Jæ combats the tired tropes of the cat and mouse game by reminding us all, “don’t nobody wanna do this shit for free!”

Says the artist, “I know I’m not the only GIRL with a flooded request inbox and countless dating horror stories. This one’s for the bad girls who know that those men, who are on their bullshit, are putty in our hands; not the other way around.”

At its core, “Independent Femme” is far from an esoteric indulgence. The track sends you walking with it, like any brilliant pop song, except this one embodies a sense of timing, conversation and even humor that is not often heard on the landscape of singles worthy of mass dissemination. It also crystallizes the experience of hooking up in current culture with a unique and refreshing honesty, evident in lines like, “If I needed you, I’d call you and you’d pull up/Stuck on me, craving me, pick you jaw up/I don’t need no man, I’m an independent femme.”

Jæ’s “Independent Femme” was preceded by “Splash,” a collective Trans Trenderz track that also featured influencer/artist/labelhead, Blxck Cxsper and labelmates, Lady Londyn, Jupiter Gray and Heather Hills. The video, (directed by Londyn) marked the beginning of a new wave of Black Trans visibility in mainstream music. “This song shows the influence hip-hop, the voice of the people, has had on queer culture, and that Black Trans voices deserve to be included and valued in that space of the industry,” says Blxck Cxsper, who is also a renowned Trans artist and producer.


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