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Son of Cloud - How To Love You Today vid
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Born in the flatlands of Texas and raised in the jungles of South America, Jonathan Seale was dubbed "Son of Cloud" as a child by the Yukpa indigenous tribe of Venezuela. Ten years in the making, his debut LP, self-titled under that moniker, explores questions related to his own family tribes - both the ones inherited, and the ones created by choice.

In 2007, Seale relocated to New York City and co-founded Mason Jar Music and Nomadique, two collectives committed to fostering a community of artists in the city as well as producing work that is soulful and genuine. Following their collaboration with Grammy-winning artist, Feist, in 2012, Mason Jar Music was named the world's 6th most innovative music company by Fast Company Magazine and was highlighted by NPR, Paste Magazine, The Village Voice and more. Nomadique's multi-media work has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, SXSW and National Geographic Magazine.

After years spent as a successful producer, working with artists such as Fleet Foxes, Feist, Andrew Bird, Lucius and more, and time spent fronting the Brooklyn-based band, Flearoy, Seale is ready to make his mark as a solo artist. Of the decision to release Son of Cloud now, after working on it for the last decade, he says, “When I started making records professionally at age 20, I decided that I wanted to focus on supporting the writing of other artists because I felt that I hadn't lived enough life to make a meaningful contribution to the world as a songwriter. The songs that meant the most to me growing up were the ones that contained a kind of raw humanity powerful enough to communicate to the listener that they are not alone. I decided I didn't want to release a record until I felt I would be able to give that feeling to someone else. These songs have been my journal entries for the past ten years, marking family milestones of birth and death, marriage and separation. Now I’m sending them out into the world to find new homes in the hearts and ears of other people who need songs in the way that I do.”

In support of the album, Seale will perform his debut concert as Son of Cloud on March 23rd, 2019, at The Brooklyn Friends Meeting House, playing with a full band that includes his sister, Jenni Seale, Russell Durham and Julia Easterlin, as well as a group of musicians from Mason Jar Music’s house band. The show will be an immersive multimedia event, featuring an interactive light sculpture designed by Seale and artist Adam November. The audience will be invited to participate in the music via a mobile app, created by Seale and PJ Herring. Special guest Madison Cunningham will also appear at what is sure to be an unforgettable evening.

Son of Cloud will be released on April 12th, 2019.



Son of Cloud:


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