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With seductive vocals, dreamy atmospheres, and explosive energy, Anna Sun explores the world through a haze of mystery and romance.  Originally the bedroom project of songwriter Samantha Aneson, Anna Sun has since grown into a collaborative trio, marrying classic pop aesthetics to adventurous modern production.  With their self-titled debut EP, the group is announcing the arrival of a vital new voice in indie pop.


The core of Anna Sun’s appeal lies in Samantha’s diary-like songwriting.  Drawing on her background in theatre, her songs dig much deeper into relationship dynamics than the average pop song, all while remaining exceptionally catchy.  This is best exemplified by the opening track, “Mine.”


“It started as a bubblegum love song and turned into this romanticization of codependency,” she says.  As a deeply self-aware writer, she is able to turn her neurosis into something uplifting and almost funny.  “I think this song was my attempt to take the piss out on myself.”


Elsewhere on the record, Samantha turns inward, analyzing the trauma of losing a family member.  The pensive “What a Shame” is a cathartic exercise in letting go, aided by a powerful arrangement from drummer Nikola Balać and bassist Andrew Shewaga.  To make music that is both meaningful and accessible is a rare thing these days, but Anna Sun seems to have achieved a perfect formula for their unique brand of expression.


Across its six tracks, the Anna Sun EP manages to capture the triumphs and anxieties of being alive in such a strange time.  Sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes heartbreaking, these songs always seem to find an underlying sense of optimism, a reflection of their writer’s personality.


“Underneath all the mania, there’s a deep sense of gratitude for everything,” she says, "That’s how I feel about life."



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