Singer, songwriter and daredevil Eddy Lee Ryder is a ready and willing mistress of everything from murder ballads to love songs and upbeat party tunes. Eddy’s unconventional, theatrical approach to songwriting mingles contagious ‘70s good-time rock riffs and pop beats with complex poetry, layers that sparkle through her well-crafted recordings. Her uproarious performances invite audiences to explore her inner world and dance with her through the



A classically trained musician and opera singer, Eddy was trapped in a world of made-for-TV pop music and light rock in her youth until she heard Peter Gabriel’s “Solsberry Hill” and never looked back. She soon found herself hooked on Bruce Springsteen; Stevie Nicks; Kate Bush and even Spinal Tap.


To date, Eddy has put out a series of singles, several in collaboration with Kevin Killen, who has mixed and engineered some of her favorite albums, including Peter Gabriel’s So and Elvis Costello’s Spike. She is releasing her debut EP "Expected to Fly" July, 2020.