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New York City, Nashville and Los Angeles are three of music’s most vibrant cities, and all three cultural epicenters play a role in the creation of New Originals. The brainchild of producers Dave Brandwein and Rob O’Block, this brand new project is actually 4 years in the making. In early 2018, Dave Brandwein was in search of a new sound for his “powerfunk” outfit and internationally touring band, Turkuaz. Off the heels of a collaboration with Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads, and after years of bombastic and energetic music with the group, it seemed time for a new sonic energy that could reflect more of the edge and darkness in his lyrics, and in the state of the world around him. 


Dave and Rob began sending musical ideas back and forth between their home studios of New York and Nashville respectively. Before the year’s end, this turned into the two songs which bookend Life in the City - the last full-length record by Turkuaz. 2022 finds the duo making tracks for their own project, appropriately titled New Originals. The first releases feature an exciting cast of collaborators including Daru Jones (Jack White, Jamie Lidell), Adrian Belew (King Crimson, Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie), Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads, Modern Lovers), and former Turkuaz vocalist and innovative electronic artist, Danke. Completed in Brandwein’s new Los Angeles studio after a year of dramatic changes both personally and professionally, the music remains danceable, fun and powerful amidst the edginess that brought the duo together way back when.



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