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Apollo Flowerchild

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

With a name like Apollo Flowerchild, it’s no surprise that this bonafide Brooklynite is quoted to be a “refreshing” artist that creates music with “uplifting and hopeful energy” and “intentional, emotional passion” by seven-time Grammy-nominated producer, Joel Hamilton. After years of building a career in the visual arts, Apollo is not a late bloomer, rather a FRESH bloomer to the music industry. Coming from a family of musicians (mother, sister), Apollo’s transition to music was humble and organic yet incredibly focused. A self-identified four-dimensional being, Apollo Flowerchild is a constantly learning, fragile creature, though one that lives fully and unapologetically, prioritizing growth and minimizing distractions.

Apollo is grateful for the opportunity to work with Trans Trenderz and the collaboration with Studio G Brooklyn and that they believe in Apollo’s sound. The instant connection happened at an open mic event at a coffee shop in which Apollo was employed at the time, and Apollo instantly wanted to join the label. This promptly birthed the professional relationship between Apollo and Blxck Cxsper, founder of Trans Trenderz.

The first song released through this collaboration is “Bloody Hands,” a gentle introduction to what’s to come that was prompted by Apollo’s first trip to Gay Camp through the LGBTQ Center in New York City in 2016. Apollo went to camp with a goal of writing a song regarding the experience of spending five days immersed in nature, and achieved just that after asking fellow camp-goers, “how do you feel after surviving a dire circumstance in your life?” The responses became direct inspiration for the lyrics to this song with existential, philosophical undertones that Apollo claims to be “by the community for the community.” Much of Apollo’s music ebbs and flows from socially charged to personal narrative, but the outcome, as quoted by a personal friend of Apollo’s, always “feels like a warm hug.”

With no time for antics, this self-determined powerhouse is always evolving and believes in everyone’s capacity and potential to be exactly who they aspire to be. A quote from Apollo’s mother that remains present in Apollo’s journey is, “All we have in this life is choice.” Apollo moves through life acutely present and without fear or paralysis, knowing there is always a solution in any situation, and that is undeniably heard through Apollo’s unwavering sound.


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