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Lady Londyn


It’s coming on Christmas. We’re all sitting around in the seclusion of our own homes, enduring the daily barrage of over lush holiday regalia, trying to capture some semblance of spirit, as we watch our account balances dwindle below zero. Whatever. It’s time for a kick in the pants. And I have just the thing: an unbridled salvo of sexual empowerment in the form of Lady Londyn’s “All On Me.”

Not for the faint of heart. But screw your heart. The song, and its accompanying video, that actually kicks off with a warning that it CAN CAUSE SEIZURES, is a queer anthem that speaks to the liberation of trans feminine bodies. It is like nothing you’ve seen in recent memory. Meant to remind womxn that their bodies are theirs to own and be proud of, “All on Me'' is a boastful and cocky commentary to what it is to be desired as a Black Trans woman.

Says Lady Londyn of the track, “The process of making this song was really magical. It all started with a bass line that Blxck Cxsper brought to me one evening and while I was freestyling ideas on it they came up with the beat on the spot. There’s something about this song that makes you just feel kick ass and I can’t wait to see the girls' reactions to it.”

There was always a discernible confidence surrounding Lady Londyn, although knowing exactly who she was from a very early age left her ostracized and often isolated from her family. Then, after a period of trials and tribulations, she found acceptance and conviction through art.

It wasn’t until after graduating from university while Lady Londyn was unhoused, that she had a realization that, more than anyone else, she was in her own way and that the world would see her for who she is. This state of mind was the launchpad for her musical career. Just six months later, Lady Londyn performed at LA Pride for her first time.

She released her debut EP, Player, on her birthday, May 31, 2020, and was signed to indie label, Trans Trenderz in August of that same year. Player is an extraordinary culmination of Lady Londyn’s growth over the years and is a pure vibe, just like her “90s fashion” meets “school girl realness” meets “lady of luxury” aesthetic.

Lady Londyn is one of Trans Trenderz’s premiere artists. The label, founded by the aforementioned Blxck Cxsper, is dedicated to supporting, curating and releasing output exclusively created by Black Trans music makers. Londyn was one of 5 artists featured on the label’s recently released stepping out single/video "Splash,” that enjoyed an exclusive premiere with PAPER Magazine.

“Splash,” also featuring Blxck Cxsper and labelmates, Jae, Jupiter Gray and Heather Hills, for which Londyn directed the video, marks the beginning of a new wave of Black Trans visibility in mainstream music. “This song shows the influence hip-hop, the voice of the people, has had on queer culture, and that Black Trans voices deserve to be included and valued in that space of the industry,” says Blxck Cxsper, who is also a renowned Trans artist and producer.

Trans Trenderz was launched in 2016 when Cxsper curated and produced a mixtape of the same name, featuring 14 Trans artists. The feeling at the release party was unlike anything they had experienced before. “You could feel how excited people were to finally see Trans folks on stage. It didn't feel like a show, more like a family reunion,” they explain. “There was no hierarchy between the artist and the audience, everybody was contributing to the love in that room in their own way.” Wanting to continue to provide that space for themselves and other like-minded artists, Trans Trenderz officially evolved into a record label, signing Transgender and gender non-conforming acts.

In June of 2020, when the Black Lives Matter movement regained traction, Cxsper offered to make beats for other Black Trans artists. Within days, 30 artists reached out to them to collaborate. Around the same time, Myla, a Black Trans woman from Dallas, TX, contacted Cxsper wanting to donate some of her PUA money to help Black Trans people. They decided to use the funds to cover release costs for Black Trans musicians, and a new endeavor, The Ghostly Beats Project, was born. As soon as it was announced, Black Trans artists and allies alike began to get in touch to become involved, and it has continued to grow from there. More than a label, Trans Trenderz is a movement, uplifting Black Trans Voices through creative collaboration and supporting each other as a family.



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