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Jupiter Gray

Jupiter Gray was born and raised in Columbus, OH. Without many resources, Jupiter would often find herself searching for ways to put herself out there. Her family wanted her to do sports, but this wasn’t where her heart was.

After trying out a few different productive activities, eventually she discovered her artistic side. She was always completely captured by how music was made. She taught herself to play guitar, and eventually picked up the keyboard. Jupiter was active in her school band, choir, and theater in middle and high school, and transitioned to rapping and singing her freshman year.

One day she was playing the piano and her music teacher heard her performing and told her she needed to join the choir! After that, she was so in love with voice as an instrument, she dropped the instruments to focus solely on choir. Her junior year of high school, her friends started getting into rap, and she started doing freestyles with her friends at lunch. After auditioning for the prestigious art school, Fort Hayes Arts Academy, she got in! That year, she did her first live show as a solo rapper.

She continued performing in local clubs in Columbus, and got the opportunity to be interviewed on a local radio station. This led to her performance at her first Pride show in Columbus. She went on to speak at Governer’s Ball to talk about LGBTQ rights. She would go on to release her first single in 2017, Lil Loco Coco, which prompted attention from a major record label. However, after publicly announcing her transition, the label lost contact, and instead, Jupiter decided to drop her first EP on her own, Flowasis.

She was featured in True Q Magazine as the face of Trans Awareness Month in November 2018. She went on to perform at World Pride for the 50th anniversary of Pride in NYC.

After dropping her single Villian, she signed with Trans Trenderz in 2020 and has since been featured in publications including, Them, NewNowNext, and Paper Magazine.

Jupiter’s music is filled with incredible lyrical prowess and flow. While it is very direct, her metaphors and clever punchlines keep it entertaining and powerful. Her music mixes trap with elements of afro-trap and house music.


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