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Heather Hills

Born a small-town girl with big-city dreams, Heather Hills is here to create music for “the kid that sits in the corner of the lunchroom” and fellow outcasts. Coming from a broken home, Heather’s upbringing largely resembles that of two very different worlds colliding, shaped by the different cultural backgrounds of her mother and father. That has never stopped Heather, though. Her mother and her mother’s best friend, who was also present for Heather’s birth, claim Heather “came out with a puff of fairy glitter.” This is ever-present in Heather’s sound, which embodies Heather’s simultaneously quirky and prissy aesthetic.

Originally largely involved in theatre, Heather quickly realized there were other outlets to express herself through art, while moving about various towns along the central coast of New Jersey. Pulling inspiration from the hip-hop her parents listened to and freestyle circles at school, as well as Disney soundtracks, Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott, Heather began to write her own music. Heather often operated outside of society’s mainstream by adapting her outside appearance to fit in, but never changed her character and who she has always been inside.

Heather drew substantial inspiration for “Get Dun” from Azealia Banks. She received the beat on a whim and just knew this was going to be the perfect party track for “the girls.”Her youthful presence comes through on the track that is the perfect blend between rap and pop, where Heather is heard rapping the verses and singing the chorus. Her favorite part is the hook that is perfectly “clubby and gay.”

Through trials and tribulations, Heather has become more comfortable in her own skin and navigates life being transparently and unapologetically herself, as shown in the recent single, “Splash,” a collaboration with fellow Trans Trenderz artists Jae, Jupiter Gray, Lady Londyn, and Blxck Cxsper. As Heather told Paper Magazine, “I had to make sure my verse was promoting independence and self-confidence, cause that's how the song makes me feel.”

Heather Hills is in her prime element when it comes to music, and it shows vividly through confident beats and lyricism.


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